this is one of my favorite places…ever. it’s located a few blocks north of a wildwood, nj inlet and nestled by the bay.  it’s family owned property on my wife’s side.

these building were built by the original owner (wife’s uncle’s grand-pop), by hand, with no plans, designs or architects involved. they are simple, quaint and have withstood hot summers, freezing winters and wicked storms for nearly 100 years. to me they are diamonds in the rough and outshine the run of the mill “typical” shore homes.

16′-0″ wide, varying lengths between 10′-0″, 24′-0″ and 40′-0″

no t.v., no cable, no internet, no air-conditioning. you’re forced to slow down…look your family in the eye…and have fun.

the six of us spent two weekends in one of the houses (16′-0″ x 24′-0″)  and it was wonderful:)

I hope you all find a little slice of heaven and s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n.


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