pomegranate, llc was formed because we had big ideas, work to do and a passion to satisfy.  We wanted a name that would not limit our growth or potential, something fresh and beyond ourselves. Aside from all of the positive connotations and symbolism associated to the fruit, the pomegranate produces dozens of seeds that grow and produce dozens of seeds that grow…well, you get the idea. so that’s our business plan, simple. right? we grow. we seed. we grow.
combined we have over 45 years of experience and counting in the architecture and design industries…a natural launching point for us. design to us is not a linear thing…it’s a creative adventure! you have to be fluid, flexible and ready to improvise…like playing jazz. not that we play, but we do listen. we believe strongly in a team approach and strive to create that bond with all parties involved. each project is a journey that we want to go on…staying involved to the end. each new client is a relationship that we nurture and hope to maintain beyond the life of the project.

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